Corporation Road Bridge Refurbishment

North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC) and it’s regeneration partner, ENGIE,  are inviting local residents and businesses to comment on the draft detailed design for the Corporation Road Bridge Refurbishment.

This survey forms one of the preliminary stages of introducing a new scheme and is used to gauge initial feedback, proposals developed will be reviewed by the NELC Portfolio Holder for Energy and Environment.

Corporation Road Bridge is a Grade 2 listed structure owned by North East Lincolnshire Council. The structure is a cast iron and steel, electrically powered Scherzer rolling lift road bridge, built in 1925. The watercourse is tidal and salt, which results in a very aggressive environment for steel below deck level; however, the upper truss sections are more protected. The lifting span is functional and is required by act of Parliament to lift upon certain requests.
The bridge forms an important link between the town centre and the A180/Port. If a lack of remedial works forces a closure or weight limit the resulting traffic issues will have a significant impact on the traffic within the town. It is important to the Councils Town Centres Investment Plan, and for the regeneration of the Alexandra Dock. In the Capital Service Statement (CSS) it is highlighted as one of the listed structures in the Borough that requires maintenance works and acknowledges that substantial works are needed.
The objectives of the project are to:
  • Meet the expected level of care for a grade 2 listed structure.
  • Future proof this structure for both current and future development in this key economic area.
  • Maintain access to this key employment area from the strategic road network.
  • Preservation of the towns-built heritage.
  • Protection of road users.
Map showing location of Corporation Bridge ( Near the centre of Grimsby and Alexandra dock)
Image showing Corporation Bridge on a sunny day.
Investigative works have taken place in recent weeks to gain greater understanding of the current condition of the bridge as engineers at ENGIE progress the detailed specification and planning works.
Works for the bridge are proposed to include a number of structural and aesthetic improvements including:
  • Deep cleaning of all steel parts of the bridge, both above and below the bridge deck, including the structure supporting the control room.
  • Repairs to corroded steel parts and replacement of defective rivets and connections.
  • Removal and replacement of bridge deck plates and resurfacing.
  • Upgrade drainage.
  • Bridge waterproof replacement.
  • Repair works to the substructure at each end of the bridge and the piers, supporting the main structure.
  • Replacement of all bridge roller bearings. Undertake conservation works to the Control Room.
  • Upgrade of electrical control system for the lifting mechanism.
  • Re-painting of the whole bridge structure.
  • Bridge lighting improvements. 

We are planning to start works in January 2022 and they are expected to take up to 18 months to complete. Due to the structural works required on the bridge a road closure will be required for the works.
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Please provide your name and contact details below for our records. Although we will record any anonymous responses, we will not include the data provided in them towards any decision.
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Are you responding as:
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Is there anything that we need to be aware of?
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